Healthy Essex Eats! Affordable Chef-Cooked Meals Straight to Your Door

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Do you want to get fit and lack self-control? Or maybe you’re staying in a self-catering place and want the pleasure and ease of a restaurant-quality meal without going out? Or maybe just busy or plain lazy? For any of the above, Prep Kitchen might just revolutionise your life. Not only are the pre-prepared meals they produce high quality, but they’re balanced and healthy, designed to aid both weight-loss and muscle gain. The company is based in Southend, Essex where they also have a small restaurant, but they delivery nationwide.

Enjoyed by athletes, pro MMA fighters and body builders, their collection of dishes divides between Balanced and Performance versions of each dish, with different calorie levels, which include satisfying and interesting main meals such as fragrant nasi goreng  served  with  nutty brown  rice  and  delicately shredded  stir-­fried  vegetables and, my personal favourite,  rich, smokey Mexican halloumi with vegetable chilli and spicy rice. They also offer breakfasts including protein pancakes, matcha protein bars and vegetable frittata. I’m neither an athlete nor a bodybuilder,  but I’m stocking up regardless…

* Quote ESSEX10 for 10% off your first order, meals from £5.75, Prep Kitchen, 0203 916 0120